Bobby Horner, Energy Manager
Energy Manager
120A Facilities Management Services Building
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-2388


Agriculture (0057)
Agriculture North (0063)
Animal Sciences (0049)
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Laborabory (0080-BAEL)
CareerTech Print Plant & Warehouse (0300)
CareerTech Service Center Warehouse (0090)
Central Dining Services (0656)
Controlled Environmental Research Laboratory (0062)
Classroom (0044)
CNG Fueling Facility (0795)
Edmon Low Library (0040)
4-H Youth Development (0045)
Facilities Management Administration (0113)
Facilities Management Horticulture (0225-PPH)
Facilities Management Services (0079-PPS)
Facilities Management Services North (0078)
Food and Agricultural Products (0047-FAPC)
Headhouse and Five Greenhouses (0061)
Henry Bellmon Research Center (0043)
Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (0073-ITLE)
Library Annex - Boomer Rd. (0790)
Library Auxiliary (0133)
Life Sciences East (0028)
Life Sciences West (0053)
Monroe Street Garage (0285)
Multimodal Transportation Terminal (0284)
Noble Research Center (0069-NRC)
North Classroom (0041)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (0051A)
NMR Laboratory Mechanical (0051B)
OSU Transit Services (0792)
Pi Kappa Alpha House (1009) 221 S. Lincoln St.
Physical Sciences (0051)
Richmond Hills Research Complex (0840)
Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (0047)
Rodeo Arena Activity Center (0798) PENDING
Rodeo Barn (0799)
Transportation Services Facility (0085)
University Mailing Services Annex (0880)
University Health Services (0111-UHS)
Venture One Oklahoma Technology & Research Park (0850-VONE)
Water Plant (0670)
B.S. in Applied Sociology