Find Energy Manager by Building (Total:12,425,166 sq. ft.)

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Buildingsort ascending Manager Email
Zink-Allen (255) JENNY CUNDIFF
Young Hall (252) JENNY CUNDIFF
Whitehurst (015-WH) TAMMY JOHNSON
West Chilled Water Plant CASEY KEYSER
West Campus Entomology TAMMY JOHNSON
West Apartments (172-173, 179, 181, 184-185, 188-190) JENNY CUNDIFF
Wes Watkins Center (070-WWC) TAMMY JOHNSON
Wentz Lane Parking Garage (263) JENNY CUNDIFF
Water Plant (670) BOBBY HORNER
Visual Arts Annex (212-VAA) JENNY CUNDIFF
Village Apartments (126-129) JENNY CUNDIFF
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (107-VMTH) TAMMY JOHNSON
Vet Med Farms/Facilities TAMMY JOHNSON
Venture One Oklahoma Technology & Research Park BOBBY HORNER
University Mailing Services Annex (880) BOBBY HORNER
University Health Services (111-UHS) BOBBY HORNER
University Commons West (264), UC North (265), and UC South (266) JENNY CUNDIFF
University Assessment and Testing (135-UAT) JENNY CUNDIFF
Transportation Services Facility (085) BOBBY HORNER
Thatcher (013-THR) JENNY CUNDIFF
Student Union (035-SU) STEVEN WEEKS
Stout Hall (034) JENNY CUNDIFF
Stevens Apartments (178-180- 182-183, 186-187, 191-194) JENNY CUNDIFF
Sitlington Hall (250) JENNY CUNDIFF
Seretean Wellness Center (197-WC) STEVEN WEEKS
Seretean Center for the Performing Arts (002-SCPA) JENNY CUNDIFF
Rodeo Barn (799) BOBBY HORNER
Rodeo Arena Activity Center (798) PENDING BOBBY HORNER
Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (047) BOBBY HORNER
Richmond Hills Research Complex (840) BOBBY HORNER
Purchasing/Bank NA (791-PUR) JENNY CUNDIFF
Prosser Apartments (149-151, 156-164) JENNY CUNDIFF
Pi Kappa Alpha House (1009) PENDING BOBBY HORNER
Physical Sciences (051) BOBBY HORNER
Peterson-Friend Hall (257) JENNY CUNDIFF
Payne Ellis Hall (246) JENNY CUNDIFF
Paul Miller Journalism & Broadcasting (012-JB) STEVEN WEEKS
Patillo Community Center (256) JENNY CUNDIFF
Patchin-Jones Hall (259) JENNY CUNDIFF
Parker Hall (055-PARH) JENNY CUNDIFF
OSU Transit Services (792) BOBBY HORNER
OSU Postal Plaza (875) JENNY CUNDIFF
OSU Flight School (837) pending STEVEN WEEKS
OSU Aviation Center (836) STEVEN WEEKS
Old Central (001-OLDC) JENNY CUNDIFF
Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (110-OADD) TAMMY JOHNSON
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (0051A) BOBBY HORNER
North Murray (025-NH) STEVEN WEEKS
North Hall of Fame Dining Hall (267) JENNY CUNDIFF
North Classroom (041) BOBBY HORNER
Noble Research Center (069-NRC) BOBBY HORNER
NMR Laboratory Mechanical (0051B) BOBBY HORNER
NEW McKnight Center for the Performing Arts (271) PENDING JENNY CUNDIFF
NEW Building for Spears School of Business (007) PENDING JENNY CUNDIFF
Multimodal Transportation Terminal (284) BOBBY HORNER
Morsani-Smith (249) JENNY CUNDIFF
Morrison Apartments (245-248) JENNY CUNDIFF
Morrill Hall (004-M) JENNY CUNDIFF
Monroe Street Garage (285) BOBBY HORNER
Michael S. Morgan Business Accelerator (851) JENNY CUNDIFF
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Research Laboratory (115-MAEL) STEVEN WEEKS
McPherson Hall (245) JENNY CUNDIFF
Math Sciences (089-MSCS) STEVEN WEEKS
Master Meters CASEY KEYSER
Life Sciences West (053) BOBBY HORNER
Life Sciences East (028) BOBBY HORNER
Library Auxiliary (133) BOBBY HORNER
Library Annex - Boomer Rd. (790) BOBBY HORNER
Laundry (086) JENNY CUNDIFF
Kerr-Drummond (065-067) JENNY CUNDIFF
Kamm Hall (258) JENNY CUNDIFF
Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (073-ITLE) BOBBY HORNER
Information Technology (134) STEVEN WEEKS
Iba Hall (082) JENNY CUNDIFF
Human Sciences West (030-HSCIW) STEVEN WEEKS
Human Sciences (036-HSCI) STEVEN WEEKS
Henry Bellmon Research Center (043) BOBBY HORNER
Headhouse and Five Greenhouses (061) BOBBY HORNER
H.S. Mendenhall Observatory TAMMY JOHNSON
Gundersen Hall (006-GU) JENNY CUNDIFF
Food and Agricultural Products (047-FAPC) BOBBY HORNER
Fire Protection Publications Office (216-FPPO) STEVEN WEEKS
Fire Protection & Safety Tech Lab (222) STEVEN WEEKS
Family Resource Center (201) JENNY CUNDIFF
Facilities Management Services North (078) BOBBY HORNER
Facilities Management Services (079-PPS) BOBBY HORNER
Facilities Management Horticulture (225-PPH) BOBBY HORNER
Facilities Management Administration (113) BOBBY HORNER
Engineering South (027-ES-ES) STEVEN WEEKS
Engineering North (059-EN) STEVEN WEEKS
EnergyCAP (E-Cap) Database Administrator TAMMY JOHNSON
Edmon Low Library (040) BOBBY HORNER
Demaree Apartments (137, 139, 140-143, 148) JENNY CUNDIFF
Cordell (032-COR) STEVEN WEEKS
Controlled Environmental Research Laboratory (062) BOBBY HORNER
Conoco-Phillips Alumni Center (005-COAC) TAMMY JOHNSON
Colvin Recreation Center (092-CRC) STEVEN WEEKS
CNG Fueling Facility (795) BOBBY HORNER
Classroom (044) BOBBY HORNER
Civil Engineering Lab (026-EA) STEVEN WEEKS
Central Dining Services (656) BOBBY HORNER
Carreker West (247) JENNY CUNDIFF
Carreker East (248) JENNY CUNDIFF
CareerTech Print Plant & Warehouse (300) BOBBY HORNER
Canine Long-Term Housing (115) STEVEN WEEKS
Campus Fire Station (114) STEVEN WEEKS
Business (068-BUS) JENNY CUNDIFF
Brumley Apartments (120-125) JENNY CUNDIFF
Boone Pickens Stadium (021) TAMMY JOHNSON
Booker-Stinchcomb Hall (261) JENNY CUNDIFF
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Laborabory (080-BAEL) BOBBY HORNER
Bennett Memorial Chapel (010) STEVEN WEEKS
Bennett Hall (038) JENNY CUNDIFF
Bartlett Independent Living Lab - Risk & Property Mgmt (075) & assoc. facilities - Jenny Cundiff BOBBY HORNER
Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts (003-BC) JENNY CUNDIFF
Athletic Center (029-AC) TAMMY JOHNSON
Architecture (009-ARCH) STEVEN WEEKS
Animal Sciences (049-ANSI) TAMMY JOHNSON
Animal Sciences (049) BOBBY HORNER
Allie P. Reynolds Stadium (072) TAMMY JOHNSON
Allie P. Reynolds Stadium (010) STEVEN WEEKS
Agriculture North (063-AGHN) TAMMY JOHNSON
Agriculture North (063) BOBBY HORNER
Agriculture Hall (057-AGH) TAMMY JOHNSON
Agriculture (057) BOBBY HORNER
AG Farms, West Campus and off-campus locations TAMMY JOHNSON
Advanced Technology Research Center (046-ATRC) STEVEN WEEKS
Adams Market (262) JENNY CUNDIFF
4-H Youth Development (045-4HYD) TAMMY JOHNSON
4-H Youth Development (045) BOBBY HORNER
CareerTech Service Center Warehouse (090) BOBBY HORNER