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Buildingsort descending Manager Email
CareerTech Service Center Warehouse (0090) BOBBY HORNER
4-H Youth Development (0045) BOBBY HORNER
4-H Youth Development (0045-4HYD) TAMMY JOHNSON
Adams Market (0262) JENNY CUNDIFF
Advanced Technology Research Center (0046-ATRC) STEVEN WEEKS
AG Farms, West Campus and off-campus locations TAMMY JOHNSON
Agriculture (0057) BOBBY HORNER
Agriculture Hall (0057-AGH) TAMMY JOHNSON
Agriculture North (0063) BOBBY HORNER
Agriculture North (0063-AGHN) TAMMY JOHNSON
Allie P. Reynolds Stadium (0010) STEVEN WEEKS
Allie P. Reynolds Stadium (0072) TAMMY JOHNSON
Animal Sciences (0049) BOBBY HORNER
Animal Sciences (0049-ANSI) TAMMY JOHNSON
Architecture (0009-ARCH) STEVEN WEEKS
Athletic Center (0029-AC) TAMMY JOHNSON
Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts (0003-BC) JENNY CUNDIFF
Bennett Hall (0038) JENNY CUNDIFF
Bennett Memorial Chapel (0010) STEVEN WEEKS
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Laborabory (0080-BAEL) BOBBY HORNER
Booker-Stinchcomb Hall (0261) JENNY CUNDIFF
Boone Pickens Stadium (0021) TAMMY JOHNSON
Brumley Apartments (0120-0125) JENNY CUNDIFF
Business (0007-BUS) JENNY CUNDIFF
Campus Fire Station (0114) STEVEN WEEKS
Canine Long-Term Housing (0115) STEVEN WEEKS
CareerTech Print Plant & Warehouse (0300) BOBBY HORNER
Carreker East (0248) JENNY CUNDIFF
Carreker West (0247) JENNY CUNDIFF
Central Dining Services (0656) BOBBY HORNER
Civil Engineering Lab (0026-EA) STEVEN WEEKS
Classroom (0044) BOBBY HORNER
CNG Fueling Facility (0795) BOBBY HORNER
Colvin Recreation Center (0092-CRC) STEVEN WEEKS
Conoco-Phillips Alumni Center (0005-COAC) TAMMY JOHNSON
Controlled Environmental Research Laboratory (0062) BOBBY HORNER
Cordell (0032-COR) STEVEN WEEKS
Davis (0253) JENNY CUNDIFF
Demaree Apartments (0137, 0139, 0140-0143, 0148) JENNY CUNDIFF
Edmon Low Library (0040) BOBBY HORNER
EnergyCAP (E-Cap) Database Administrator TAMMY JOHNSON
Engineering North (0059-EN) STEVEN WEEKS
Engineering South (0027-ES-ES) STEVEN WEEKS
Facilities Management Administration (0113) BOBBY HORNER
Facilities Management Horticulture (0225-PPH) BOBBY HORNER
Facilities Management Services (0079-PPS) BOBBY HORNER
Facilities Management Services North (0078) BOBBY HORNER
Family Resource Center (0201) JENNY CUNDIFF
Fire Protection & Safety Tech Lab (0222) STEVEN WEEKS
Fire Protection Publications Office (0216-FPPO) STEVEN WEEKS
Food and Agricultural Products (0047-FAPC) BOBBY HORNER
General Academic Building (0068-GAB) JENNY CUNDIFF
Gundersen Hall (0006-GU) JENNY CUNDIFF
H.S. Mendenhall Observatory TAMMY JOHNSON
Headhouse and Five Greenhouses (0061) BOBBY HORNER
Henry Bellmon Research Center (0043) BOBBY HORNER
Human Sciences (0036-HSCI) STEVEN WEEKS
Human Sciences West (0030-HSCIW) STEVEN WEEKS
Iba Hall (0082) JENNY CUNDIFF
Information Technology (0134) STEVEN WEEKS
Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (0073-ITLE) BOBBY HORNER
Kamm Hall (0258) JENNY CUNDIFF
Kerr-Drummond (0065-0067) JENNY CUNDIFF
Laundry (0086) JENNY CUNDIFF
Library Annex - Boomer Rd. (0790) BOBBY HORNER
Library Auxiliary (0133) BOBBY HORNER
Life Sciences East (0028) BOBBY HORNER
Life Sciences West (0053) BOBBY HORNER
Master Meters CASEY KEYSER
Math Sciences (0089-MSCS) STEVEN WEEKS
McElroy Hall (0039-MCEL) TAMMY JOHNSON
McPherson Hall (0245) JENNY CUNDIFF
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Research Laboratory (0115-MAEL) STEVEN WEEKS
Michael S. Morgan Business Accelerator (0851) JENNY CUNDIFF
Monroe Street Garage (0285) BOBBY HORNER
Morrill Hall (0004-M) JENNY CUNDIFF
Morrison Apartments (0245-0248) JENNY CUNDIFF
Morsani-Smith (0249) JENNY CUNDIFF
Multimodal Transportation Terminal (0284) BOBBY HORNER
Murray (0024-MUR) STEVEN WEEKS
NEW McKnight Center for the Performing Arts (0271) PENDING JENNY CUNDIFF
NMR Laboratory Mechanical (0051B) BOBBY HORNER
Noble Research Center (0069-NRC) BOBBY HORNER
North Classroom (0041) BOBBY HORNER
North Hall of Fame Dining Hall (0267) JENNY CUNDIFF
North Murray (0025-NH) STEVEN WEEKS
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (0051A) BOBBY HORNER
Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (0110-OADD) TAMMY JOHNSON
Old Central (0001-OLDC) JENNY CUNDIFF
OSU Aviation Center (0836) STEVEN WEEKS
OSU Postal Plaza (0875) JENNY CUNDIFF
OSU Transit Services (0792) BOBBY HORNER
Parker Hall (0055-PARH) JENNY CUNDIFF
Patchin-Jones Hall (0259) JENNY CUNDIFF
Patillo Community Center (0256) JENNY CUNDIFF
Paul Miller Journalism & Broadcasting (0012-JB) STEVEN WEEKS
Payne Ellis Hall (0246) JENNY CUNDIFF
Peterson-Friend Hall (0257) JENNY CUNDIFF
Physical Sciences (0051) BOBBY HORNER
Pi Kappa Alpha House (1009) 221 S. Lincoln St. BOBBY HORNER
Prosser Apartments (0149-0151, 0156-0164) JENNY CUNDIFF
Purchasing/Bank NA (0792-PUR) TAMMY JOHNSON
Richmond Hills Research Complex (0840) BOBBY HORNER
Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (0047) BOBBY HORNER
Rodeo Arena Activity Center (0798) PENDING BOBBY HORNER
Rodeo Barn (0799) BOBBY HORNER
Scott Hall (0054-SCOT) JENNY CUNDIFF
Seretean Center for the Performing Arts (0002-SCPA) JENNY CUNDIFF
Seretean Wellness Center (0197-WC) STEVEN WEEKS
Sitlington Hall (0250) JENNY CUNDIFF
Stevens Apartments (0178-0180, 0182-0183, 0186-0187, 0191-0194) JENNY CUNDIFF
Stout Hall (0034) JENNY CUNDIFF
Student Union (0035-SU) STEVEN WEEKS
Thatcher (0013-THR) JENNY CUNDIFF
Transportation Services Facility (0085) BOBBY HORNER
University Assessment and Testing (0135-UAT) JENNY CUNDIFF
University Commons West (0264), UC North (0265), and UC South (0266) JENNY CUNDIFF
University Health Services (0111-UHS) BOBBY HORNER
University Mailing Services Annex (0880) BOBBY HORNER
USDA/ACOB Complex (0050/0106) JENNY CUNDIFF
Venture One Oklahoma Technology & Research Park (0850-VONE) BOBBY HORNER
Vet Med Farms/Facilities TAMMY JOHNSON
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (0107-VMTH) TAMMY JOHNSON
Village Apartments (0126-0129) JENNY CUNDIFF
Visual Arts Annex (0212-VAA) JENNY CUNDIFF
Water Plant (0670) BOBBY HORNER
Wentz Hall (0060-WNTZ) JENNY CUNDIFF
Wentz Lane Parking Garage (0263) JENNY CUNDIFF
Wes Watkins Center (0070-WWC) TAMMY JOHNSON
West Apartments (0172-0173, 0179, 0181, 0184-0185, 0188-0190) JENNY CUNDIFF
West Campus Entomology TAMMY JOHNSON
West Chilled Water Plant CASEY KEYSER
Whitehurst (0015-WH) TAMMY JOHNSON
Willham House (0229) TAMMY JOHNSON
Young Hall (0252) JENNY CUNDIFF
Zink-Allen (0255) JENNY CUNDIFF