Energy Leadership Awardees


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Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT)
Energy Champion - Mercedes E. Harris, LEED Green Associate

"The Energy Leadership Award is important to the members of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) because it showcases our commitment not only to our shared environment but also to our school. Through our training and advocacy, our students can teach others what it means to be aware of our physical surroundings. This not only reduces the amount of energy required to support Oklahoma State buildings but also reduces the energy bills in a cash strapped year. CSI would like to thank those at Facilities Management, as well as the School of Architecture, for their collaboration with us on this award."  Mercedes E. Harris  

Date earned: April 19, 2017  

NOTE: The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) distinguished themselves as being the first student organization at Oklahoma State University to earn the Energy Leadership Award.

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ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center
OSU Alumni Association
Energy Champion - Matt Morgan, Facility Coordinator (2017); Amanda Harrison, Facility Coordinator (2018)

"The staff of the OSU Alumni Association are extremely proud to be a leader on campus in energy conservation and management. It is very important for us to be good stewards of our membership dollars and donations, and it is equally important for us to reduce our impact on our environment." Chris Batchelder, OSU Alumni Association President  

Date earned: July 5, 2017  

NOTE: The ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center distinguished itself as being the first facility at Oklahoma State University to earn the Energy Leadership Award.

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OSU Purchasing Department
Stillwater, OK
Energy Champion - Brandon Cook, Purchasing

"In the Cowboy spirit, we want to always demonstrate the efficient and effective use of time, equipment and resources, and accept responsibility to "steward well" the resources entrusted to us. Scott Schlotthauer, Chief Procurement Officer, The OSU and A&M Systems

Date earned: July 31, 2017


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Engineering Distance Education
Engineering & Technology Management
College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT)
Energy Champion - Jillian George, Administrative Support Specialist II

"CEAT Distance Education and Engineering & Technology Management wanted to participate in the Energy Leadership Award Program because we wanted to set an example for other departments to follow. Conserving energy should be a priority to everyone. Not only does conserving energy save our environment, but it also saves money. Getting into the routine of making small changes such as turning off all lights, turning off your computers and monitors, or shutting your blinds really does make a difference!"  Kristi Wheeler, Manager, Engineering Distance Education

Date earned: August 3, 2017  

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FM Business Operations
OSU Facilities Management
Energy Champion - Tiffany Munday, Supply Office Coordinator

"Sustainability is one of the five core focuses of Facilities Management. Business Operations was excited to contribute towards this goal by educating ourselves on the best practices for energy management, and ultimately earning the Energy Leadership Award. With 60+ people committed to this effort, it was truly a team achievement."  Tiffany Munday, Supply Office Coordinator, FM Business Operations, Facilities Management

Date earned: November 25, 2017